Hot-dip galvanizing of steel is the most effective anti-corrosion protection of steel structures
During the process, the metal structures are dipped in acid baths, then drained and immersed in molten zinc baths where the temperature reaches up to 460 °C. Active cathodic protection is provided to the metal, which protects metal products and equipment from corrosion.
Durability, high quality, short terms, flexible price system
UAB KOLORO offers hot-dip galvanizing of high-quality steel structures, which will significantly extend their service life. Hot-dip galvanizing is carried out in Poland in a new galvanizing workshop, where the most modern German and Italian hot-dip galvanizing technology is installed. We can degalvanize bulky products, max. 13.0 years We do all the work in a short time, 3/4 days. Hot-dip galvanizing is carried out in compliance with EN 9001 standards. The zinc coating meets the requirements of EN 14713 and 1461. The dimensions of galvanizing baths are from 9.0×1.3×2.5 m to 13.0×1.5×3.0 m.
Selection of steel for hot-dip galvanizing
The thickness of the zinc coating depends on the thickness of the galvanized part, its retention in the zinc bath and the amount of silicon and phosphorus in the steel. When selecting steel, it is important that its content of silicon (Si) is 0 – 0.04% or 0.15 – 0.25%. If the composition includes 0.05 – 0.14% of silicon, it can form a too thick and rough surface zinc layer, which may begin to crack during operation. Poor dezincification can also be influenced by a high sulfur content – it should not exceed 0.2%. When galvanizing, it is very important that there are no aluminum elements in the galvanized part. Its amount cannot exceed 0.02%. 
Thickness of hot-dip galvanizing coating
The thickness of the coated zinc layer depends on the thickness of the metal, the amount of silicon in the metal, the time the product is in the zinc bath and the zinc melting temperature. The optimal coating thickness is from 70 to 120 microns. If possible – from 40 to 250 microns. In a thicker coating, the zinc starts to crack and bounce. For small products with a metal thickness of up to 3 mm, the optimal zinc coating thickness is 40 – 70 microns

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