A form of painting when dry powder paint, which provided a negative electrostatic charge (from 10,000 to 90,000 volts), is used. Sometimes referred to as powder painting and painting dry. After object is covered with paint – it goes into the oven where the paint melts evenly coating the surface. Powder coated surfaces are characterized by hardness, color, attractiveness, durability, high quality, scratch resistance and resistance to environmental impact.

It is because the negative electrostatic charge, which allows the powder evenly and uniformly stick to the surface. It is very important that the surface of the object would be clean – therefore we clean your products mechanically, wash with chemicals, if necessary – sandblast them before painting.

In Lithuania there is a number of paint shops that can provide painting services, but few of them can offer professional painting. Weaker paint shops paint recharges 10-20 kV, while the professional painting booth charge the powder up to 90 kV (which means better adhesion to the surface). Simpler paint shops do not have a professional stove which can maintain the same high constant temperature. After painting the object with unprofessional equipment you do not get the same advantages of powder coating, paint does not have the durability, appearance or quality, which are obtained by painting in our company.

o. This is one of the major differences between the dry powder and wet paint brush. Once the paint run through the paint nozzle, they are given a negative charge – an object that is painted has a positive charge, so the powder evenly covers the whole thing and sags or other similar adverse effects are impossible. Another advantage is that powder uniformly covers all the details, curves, cavities.

Sandblasting cleans the metal and prepares metal surfaces for better paint adhesion to the surface.

Yes. In order to maintain its natural color and for additional protection from the elements, the object can be sprayed with a translucent powder paint.

There are many reasons why – especially as it is cheaper, when you evaluate the durability and the qualities of the powder coating. Powder coating is manufactured from much less harmful chemicals, offers better protection from the environment, rust. In addition – the process is much faster, the drying time is much shorter. You can also get more effects (color, gloss, texture, special effects).

Yes, after we evaluate the quality of your paint.

Yes. This can be achieved by covering already painted areas.

Yes. This can be achieved by covering already painted areas.

No. Powder coating can only provide a better picture of the shortfall, but if your item has arrived with scratches, messy welding rods, wells, untreated areas, higher zinc leaks or other defects – powder coating will not eliminate them. Hidden defects can be added using materials which partly cover its imperfections.

It can be said that the choice of colors is unlimited. Also, colors can have different gloss, texture, special effects that will give your object more unique appearance. The end result can fully realize your imagination.

With traditional powder one can paint:

Various tools, panels, construction, ventilation systems, car parts, computer parts, bikes, commercial equipment, various outdoor equipment, fences, lighting parts, mowers, metal furniture, garden grill, pool equipment, doors, windows, wire products, metal art works, boilers, folding garage construction, facade panels, animal cages, wheels, rails, flashing – just about everything.

The usual temperature is 180-200 C. However, there are some types of paint, which melt at a lower temperature

No. The temperature in the oven is low enough not to harm any type of metal.

The standard order is processed within 1-4 business days, but it depends on the size of the order and what services and results are required.

From your chosen powder paint price, object surface complexity, object shape, object surface quality, surface area, surface integrity, desired effect.

Depending on the specifics of the product and ordered services we are able to provide warranty up to 10 years.