UAB Koloro (hereinafter – the Company) values and protects the privacy of its customers, so we provide clearly and unequivocally in this cookie policy (hereinafter – Politics) on the Company’s website (herein) , as well as other information about the company’s provisions and principles in ensuring the protection of personal data.
We apply this policy in cases where you visit the company’s website and get the information related to you with the help of cookies. This policy is not applicable when you are browsing the websites of other companies or using third -party services.
When processing personal data, we follow the European Union Data Protection Regulation No 40/94. 2016/679, Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, other related legal acts and instructions for controlling authorities.

  1. What are cookies?
    Cookie is a small text file that the website records to your computer or mobile device browser when you visit the site. The next time you visit this file, this file may be scanned so that the site can recognize your computer or mobile device.
  2. Why do we use cookies?
    In order to ensure transparency and responsible processing of personal data, we are informed that the Company is processing the personal data collected by cookies for the following purposes:
    To ensure effective and safe operation of the site. We use cookies to ensure security functions and prevent malicious activities.
    To better understand your needs, improve and improve our products, functions and services, including when you connect to our site using other websites, programs or devices.
    For your identification in the company’s information systems and the website, with the aim of recognizing returning visitors to the site. Cookies help you select the content you apply and personalize your experience. Cookies also help prevent constant and recurring registration or information filling when you visit our site again.
    Analyze your habits to make the site even more comfortable, more efficient and more suitable for your needs and expectations.
    To evaluate the flow of information and data sent to our site. We use cookies for statistical data on the number of users of the site and their use of the site.
    For the determination of the target audience and advertising. Using cookies, we can collect information to display only selected content for different target groups. We use cookies to show you a relevant advertisement both on our site and beyond.
    Cookies are also used to register or agree to use cookies on the company’s website and that this issue is not asked every time you visit our site.
    As far as the laws are allowed, we can link the data obtained by cookies with other information received from other legitimate sources (ie with information on the use of services, our loyalty programs, etc.).
    The information collected by cookies allows us to ensure your ability to browse more conveniently, provide you with attractive offers and learn more about the behavior of the website users, analyze trends and improve the site, customer service and company services.
  3. What cookies do we use?
    Each time you visit our site, long -term (permanent) cookies that remain in your browser can be created and we will see when you come back to the site. They will not be deleted when you have finished browsing our site. Short -term (session) cookies, which expire or deleted at the end of our website (i.e., are usually valid only when visiting our website or one browsing session).
    The company’s website uses cookies:
    More Cookies: We try to offer our visitors an advanced, simple use site that automatically adapts to their needs and desires. To achieve this, we use the necessary or otherwise known as technical cookies that help you display our site and ensure its functionality. These necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our site.
    Functional cookies: We use functional cookies to remember your preferences and help use our site and/or gadgets effectively and efficiently. For example, with these cookies, our site remembers the language or search for your choice. These functional cookies are not necessary for the functioning of the site, but add functionality and improve the experience of your use of the company’s website.
    Analytical cookies: We use these cookies to acquire knowledge of how our visitors use the company’s website. In this way, we can optimize and improve our site, understand the effectiveness of advertising and communication, and ensure that we are still interesting and relevant. We can collect data on the web pages you have reviewed, from which you have come, what email. You have opened the letters and responded to and information about date and time. It also means that we can use information about you and how you use this site, such as the frequency of a visit, the number of clicks on a particular page and more. As part of our advertising campaigns, we can use analytical cookies to find out how consumers are browsing our site after being displayed online. This can also include advertising on third -party websites.
    Marketing Cookies: We use these cookies to showcase the personalized advertising on our own and other sites. This is called “re -marketing” based on browsing actions, such as the services you are looking for or reviewed.
    We use Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc (Google). The information collected by Google Analytics is transmitted Google and stored there. Google can transfer information collected by Google Analytics to third parties only in accordance with the requirements set by law or when these third parties process information on behalf of Google. We recommend that you get acquainted with Google Privacy and Cookie Politicians individually and regularly.
    The company’s website uses third -party cookies:
    Official third -party cookies – some ads or advertising that you can find on our site may be provided with other legal persons. Some of these entities use their cookies to analyze how many people have seen specific advertising or how many people have seen it more than once. Companies that create such cookies apply their own privacy policy and we have no effect on the creation or storage of such cookies.
    Some pages of our site may display the content of external service providers (such as social networks). In order for visitors to see such content of third party, they must agree with their terms, including cookies policy. External service providers can use their anonymous cookies designed to make your applications or applications meet your needs. Due to the specific features of the cookies, our site does not have access to these cookies stored information, and external service providers do not have access to the information collected by cookies applied by our site.
  4. How can you give up or block cookies?
    When you visit the company’s website, you can choose whether you want to use cookies. You can control cookies and / or block your request on the cookie consent controller.
    If you do not agree to record cookies on your computer or other device, you can withdraw your consent at any time with your browser settings and deleted the recorded cookies. If you have chosen to delete cookies, keep in mind that all set options will be removed. In addition, when the cookies are completely blocked, many websites (including the company’s website) will not work properly. For these reasons, we do not recommend turning off cookies when using the company’s website.
    You can opt out of Google Analytics without affecting the quality of your visit to our site. For more information on how to give up Google Analytics tracking all the sites you are using, visit this Google page:
    Our site also has links to websites of other persons, companies or organizations. Please note that the company is not responsible for the content of such websites or the principles of privacy they use. So, if you click on the link from the company’s website to other websites, you should look at their privacy policy separately.
    To learn more about cookies and how to handle or remove them, just visit and your browser help page.
  5. Do we update the cookie policy?
    From time to time we update cookies policy on this site. Once the company has updated this policy, the new version will be posted on the website, for this reason we recommend that you periodically visit our site, where you will always find the latest version of this cookie policy.