About us

Our painting booth is one of the largest in Lithuania, we can easily paint large structures.
Length: 5500mm, Width: 1400mm, Height: 2600mm. Maximum single-product weight: 450 kg.

UAB “Koloro” has been working with clients in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.


We have the latest painting equipment, which can ensure the quality of the final result for each client. We specialize in galvanized products, but we can paint any metal: aluminum, steel, brass, copper, titanium, lead and others.

We can paint 600.000 square meters annually.

We can provide:

  • High quality painting services
  • Variety of painting effects
  • Transportation
  • Packing

We work only with reliable quality paint manufacturers. We can provide a wide range of final effects for your products, offer you the latest market news and give our full range of services so that you will be very satisfied with the final result.


We are here to give your idea appearance and durability.